from by Idan Rabinovici



you know the time's changing when in far-away countries
there are less local people than ones from back home
where nationless people walk around smiling
and you're busy arguing over the price of the phone

we are children of empires disillusioned by stories
of marching towards futures that look like a lie
discontented hearts lit the arson that chased us
from changing our names to the things that we buy

i'm alive
we do the best we can
or at least we try

i wake in the morning and then i sing until evening
my voice usually wavers, my fingers are sore
the purest of purest, the joyest of joyful
while my drab butterfly plans the next world war

come pilgrims of progress, your theories are cracking
fulfillments was a shot that you took in the dark
and all that we're needing is the air that we're breathing
you see, life it ain't chaning, we're just changing our hearts.

i'm alive
we do the best we can
or at least we try

hush little butterfly, children do slumber
in bubblegum temples and mountains of altars
we're kingdoms, we're dreaming, believing we're free
hush little butterfly, forget what yuo see

we don't believe that gravity holds us down
dreaming kingdoms, merchants of glorious
disillusioned butterfly, our cities touch skies but we still can't see the heavens clear we still can't see God.


from Bedroom Folk, released March 16, 2008


all rights reserved



Idan Rabinovici Israel

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